• Peter Fray

    Peter Fray

    Co-director Centre for Media Transition, University of Technology Sydney. Journo, editor, co-host Fourth Estate podcast 2SER, INKL quiz guy. X CUNY EJ, EiC SMH

  • Linmic


    Head of front-end & mobile engineering@Paidy. Based in Tokyo. Hiring experienced React.js & React Native engineers.

  • Batur Talu

    Batur Talu

    Big picture thinker - Anlamlandırma uzmanı

  • Ellie Rennie

    Ellie Rennie

    Professor at RMIT University, Melbourne. Australian Research Council Future Fellow 2020–2025: “Cooperation Through Code” (FT190100372) Twitter: @elinorrennie

  • Penny O'Donnell

    Penny O'Donnell

  • Gilbert Zhào

    Gilbert Zhào

  • Lena Nahlous

    Lena Nahlous

  • Mia Lindgren

    Mia Lindgren

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